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BelloHA/ BellaChe

BelloHA/ BellaChe

BelloHA and BellaChe are unique, potent ingredients that help keep scalp and hair healthy and boost recuperation capacity. This formula supports hair health to look thicker, denser, more full, and better.

What is Peptide?

The amino acid is a fundamental creation unit of protein. Peptide alludes to a mix of amino acids, which is a chain of association by a couple of numbers of amino acids. On the off chance that many amino acids are connected, it turns into an enormous protein.

Benefits of BelloHA and BellaChe?

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Promotion of regeneration
  • Provide nutrition to hair and scalp
  • Prevention of hair loss
  • The active ingredients contain a potent hair-strengthening agent
  • Healthy hair protection
  • Promotion of hair cell growth

Where to use Slim Point Body

  • Hair
  • Hair scalp