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How To Start A Dropshipping Business With Korean Fillers and Medical Devices This 2022

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How To Start A Dropshipping Business With Korean Fillers and Medical Devices This 2022

These days there are many ways to earn. Especially during the pandemic, people have been creative in creating businesses, learning and studying the ins and outs of trading. However, not all companies are pandemic-proof; some are bound to fail. That is why beginners hesitate to risk their hard-earned money to invest in unstable ventures. They want stability and a high probability of earning profit. And Dropshipping offers all of these. You can sell in the comforts of your home and when traveling, or even if it’s just a side hustle. You don’t need to worry about packaging or finding a space for your products because we at UpKeep Skin will do the warehousing and shipping for you.

You can dropship any product, from pieces of equipment and gadgets to clothes. But it would be best if you also were wary in choosing what product niche to sell because there may be overly saturated products in the market. Instead of earning a good amount, you’ll have to compete with others who have already distinguished shops in the same niche.

We recommend investing in products with a high-profit margin, such as dermal fillers, fat dissolving solutions, and medical devices that are relatively new and starting to become famous. At UpKeep Skin, we offer to drop ship these products for your convenience. This article will show how you can successfully start your dropshipping business with us in South Korea and ship these products to and from anywhere in the world.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment model where a shop doesn’t have the physical products in stock; instead, the shop owner sells a third party’s products, and the wholesaler/manufacturer ships the product directly to the customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly or worry about packing and shipping it. This also eliminates the need to own or store stocks and opens opportunities for the entrepreneurs to focus on other resources such as building their brand and marketing their chosen niche. Think of it as once a customer buys a product from your store, the manufacturer/wholesaler will ship the product directly to the customer, and you receive payment from the sales. A straightforward method of earning money without the hassle of doing inventory, spending funds on packing materials, and shipping couriers to fulfill orders.

What are the best Korean products to dropship in 2022?

When it comes to the latest trends in beauty, South Korea is always ahead of its time. Their state-of-the-art technologies and government-supported clinical research on medical devices and aesthetic beauty products. A significant upside to this is that Korean beauty products are vastly cheaper than any other country and have enormous marketing potential. Thus, it would be a substantial advantage for entrepreneurs to venture into selling Korean beauty products. But what are the best products from Korea that you can successfully dropship this 2022?

With advanced and innovative tech, the future of Korean beauty care is just within global reach. The best Korean products to dropship are the relatively new dermal fillers, fat-dissolving injectables, numbing creams, and skin rejuvenation medical devices. All these are available when you partner with us at UpKeep Skin, the only Dropshipping service from South Korea that offers to supply such cosmetic products.

Benefits of using UpKeep Skin as both your supplier and dropshipping service

There are many benefits of dropshipping. They are easy to set up without needing a physical store to stock your products, and they are also very flexible and easy to manage. But with the pros, there would always be cons that could hinder your success in starting and maintaining a dropshipping business, such as low margin profit, shipping complexities, and challenging customer service.

However, at UpKeep Skin, you do not need to worry about any of these, as we cater to your needs with utmost care and professionalism. We ensure that our products are profitable and the dropshipping process is not too complex for you to follow.

Here is a list of why it’s beneficial to have a dropshipping account with Upkeep skin.

  1. You can make passive income with us.

Dropshipping with UpKeep Skin can be flexible as you can earn without stressing too much about managing a physical retail store. We have clients who make 1000 USD to 20,000 USD per month. Your profit will depend on how you market and promote your products. It will also depend on your customer base.

It is advantageous if you already have a clinic or a small hyaluron pen injecting business because you may already have a stable client base in the name of your friends or students that know where to ask to buy the products. But you may not attract many customers, unlike having your website or online shop. With online dropshipping, there is a high probability of a global reach, where a repeat or a new customer can order with a click of a button, and you can easily profit from it.  

  1. No need to buy stock in bulk and invest so much money into the business.

When starting, you may need to purchase in bulk to get a much lower price from your supplier. But if you partner with UpKeep Skin Dropshipping service, you don’t have to buy a product as we will ship it directly to your customers once the products have been ordered and paid for.

The most significant advantage when opening an account with UpKeep Skin is that it is possible to launch your own e-commerce business without having to invest thousands of money. All you need is to set up your website with help from our team of experts, or if you have enough resources, you can build the website yourself. Once you have established everything, you can start promoting and getting orders.

  1. You will have more time and resources to build your brand.

As you don’t need to worry about managing a warehouse, packing and shipping your orders, and tracking inventory for accounting reasons, you will have more time to build your brand and focus your resources on promoting your website. It’s essential to have your own website to build your brand. You can market your products on social media and promote your online shop to your patrons and potential clients in the form of the working class or even students so they can directly buy from you.

  1. Excellent and fast customer service platform

There are times when orders go wrong, and a shipment fails. Since you have no direct contact with the product, sorting out orders and handling customer support may be challenging. However, with UpKeep Skin, you can readily contact us through our excellent and speedy communication platform. You can quickly contact us through our website, e-mail, or phone.  

Once you have achieved tremendous growth in sales, there will always be additional work—especially related to customer support—but businesses that utilize the dropshipping model fair particularly well in mitigating such issues to an absolute minimum with the proper damage control.

  1. Straightforward Dropshipping Process

UpKeep Skin offers a wide range of Korean cosmetic products, from numbing and rejuvenation creams, dermal fillers, fat-dissolving injectables, and hair care products to beauty devices. You would not need to source multiple suppliers for your online store and complicate your shipping costs. UpKeep Skin is the only supplier and dropshipping service in Korea that offers straightforward processing, billing, and shipping costs to our clients.

Dermal Filler Dropship Process

Now that we’ve covered what dropshipping is and what are the benefits of opening an account with UpKeep Skin, let’s discuss precisely how UpKeep Skin’s dropshipping process works. Here is a step-by-step process for getting a dropshipping account with us.

  1. Request for the partnership program with UpKeep Skin
  2. UpKeep Skin will review your profile and let you know if you are accepted.
  3. Once accepted into our partnership program, you’ll receive our discounted price list for your chosen products.
  4. If you don’t have a website for your e-commerce business, UpKeep Skin provides a paid service for setting up a website for you, including an option for website designs and themes.
  5. Once you have a functional website for your online shop, you can start adding your chosen product niche to the page.
  6. Start promoting your website through social media platforms.  The website will be under your name and your brand. So focus on marketing your business to generate customers and sales.
  7. Once you have established your site to the public, you will start receiving orders from clients, and once paid, you will receive your first-ever sales!
  8. Place the order of your client with Upkeep Skin. We will then prepare to ship the products to your buyer, so you don’t have to pack and ship the orders yourself. We provide customized packaging and labeling services for your orders, so you can complete your buyer’s shipment without even touching the products.
  9. You can also promptly assist your customers with inquiries by outsourcing UpKeep Skin’s customer service team.

Every start-up business starts at a rough patch; doing rigorous research, planning a marketing strategy, and learning the process of your retail fulfillment method. Once you’ve got the hang of it, dropshipping will become a smooth process for everyone involved. You don’t need business experience or a master’s degree to open a dropshipping account with us. Every budding entrepreneur will tell you that experience is the best teacher. If you are hesitant to start, our expert team at UpKeep Skin can help and guide you in the dropshipping process of your start-up e-commerce business. You can start opening an account with UpKeep Skin; the only trusted Dropshipping service in Korea that offers a wide range of products from dermal fillers to medical devices, and experience hassle-free services at the same time easily make a profit!


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