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The vast majority of the negligibly obtrusive cosmetological systems require pain-relieving procedures on relating skin areas. J-Caine cream made in Korea is viewed as the pioneer among skin anesthetics. It is created as a cream that contains 10,56% of lidocaine. The product has acquired fame among beauty specialists in South Korea, just as indifferent other nations.


Apply the cream onto a clean, unaltered skin surface and cover it with a plastic wrap or another material equipped for making a sealing impact. 

Remove the wrap following 20-30 minutes and clean the leftover moisturizer with a clean cloth.

The patient may encounter numbness concerning the skin where the cream has been applied. This inclination may show up within 15 minutes since the cream will keep going for around 60 minutes. This is sufficient for most cosmetological methods.

Main benefits of using J CAINE numbing cream

  • Consents to global norms for aesthetic medication products.
  • High lidocaine concentration permits alleviating pain inside the skin tissues as profound as at any rate 8 mm.
  • Has a durable impact – as long as an hour and a half after application.
  • It is efficient: the small amount of product assists with accomplishing the wanted impact.
  • J Caine has a high safety profile and doesn’t bring on any hypersensitive responses.
  • In correlation with other comparable products, it is valued sensibly.

J-Caine cream is utilized in clinics and beauty parlors. It permits making tattoos, perpetual cosmetics, different anti-aging procedures, electrolysis, and so forth effortlessly. It is a top product that can be utilized when preparing for mesotherapy with 3D Meso threads, laser remerging, chemical peeling, and other painful manipulations on the skin.

J-Caine cream must be utilized for insignificantly intrusive strategies. The cream can’t be used for mitigating pain during surgical interferences.


Covering a vast territory of the body with lidocaine or leaving it on the skin for quite a while can prompt assimilation of the medication into the bloodstream.

An excess of numbing medicine can cause deadly results if a lot of the medication is ingested through your skin and into your blood. Excess side effects may incorporate uneven heartbeats, seizure, slowed breathing, unconsciousness, or respiratory failure.