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Lipo Lab is a protected and effective fat resolving product made of high-quality raw materials. Its principal ingredient is an incredibly purged PPC sodium deoxycholate, which can help boost metabolism, break down fat, and increment the patient’s energy levels. This dependable fat melter is a more reasonable, more straightforward, and time-proficient option than other weight management solutions, such as medical procedures, considering viable consideration of the body.

With a raw material immaculateness of 99.8% and deoxycholate purity levels set at 98%, Lipo Lab is one of the most secure and best fat dissolving products in presence today. It offers quick subcutaneous fat expulsion. It fights obesity in two primary manners – by accelerating metabolism and dissolving the fat tissues in a natural and wellbeing benevolent way. This remarkable PPC (Phosphatidyl Choline) lipo arrangement can likewise build the skin’s versatility and eliminate cellulite. The suggested treatment with this product requires one injection treatment with ten days between every session.

Prime key raw material includes;

  • Phosphatidylcholine
  • Sodium Deoxycholate
  • Five peptide components as well as hexapeptide

PPC Injection

Phosphatidylcholine, otherwise called lecithin or PPC, is an ordinary compound found in our cell membranes. On the off chance that cell membranes are abruptly given an additional PPC dose, they become excessively liquid and delicate and separate. In this way, an amount of PPC into fatty tissue will make the fat cells tear and open and deliver their fat. PPC likewise encourages the separating of the actual fat. The fat in fat cells is put away as a compound called triacylglycerol. PPC separates triacylglycerol. The three free unsaturated fats and the glycerol at that point get taken in the circulatory system to the liver, where they are changed over into bile acids and afterward wiped out through the alimentary tract.


Shake vials well to blend the deposited particles on the base if there should be an abdomen/waist occurrence, 0.15-0.2cc on the spot, and move to next a large portion of an inch or a centimet

er distance.

This way, you will devour a sum of PPC 1-3 vials at a treatment relying upon weight degree, and you are prescribed to rehash this treatment 2-3 occasions at 15 days’ stretch, which will lead a patient to burn-through 1-2 boxes to finish an entire interaction of medicines. This whole interaction will wind up with a reduction of 4-6 inches.

In the event of different parts, for example, fatty armpit, upper arm, and thigh, you are needed to adjust the amount as indicated by the obesity level of the region to be utilized.

Areas of Injection

  • Double Chin
  • Fat Back
  • Fat hip
  • Armpit and forearm
  • Fat Thighs
  • Fat on the abdominal region

Benefits of LIPO LAB

  • No need for sedation as it scarcely creates pain.
  • More effective and more straightforward treatment than liposuction medical procedure.
  • Dissimilar to existing strategies, for example, mesotherapy, which lessens the fat cells, Lipo Lab PPC dissolves, obliterates fat cells, and depletes them out of the body sweat, urine, and inner ignition.
  • Less expensive expenses than existing liposuction medical procedures.
  • Powerful for eliminating cellulite and improves skin versatility.
  • Settles the obesity of explicit parts where exercises can’t do.
  • Gamma-lighted Lipo Lab Solution gets protected, safe treatment and raw material of 99.8% purity from Germany, boosting lipolysis’s adequacy.


Lipo Lab PPC boosts your skin elasticity and eliminates the barely recognizable differences and wrinkles that show up as the fat layer liquefies down and gets disintegrated—giving you more tight skin and a delicate body line.

Removes Fats, Fights the Signs of Aging, and Rejuvenates Your Skin.

Constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, and incontinence.