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Liporase is a Product of Hyaluronidase and is endorsed by the KFDA. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that is utilized to break down undesirable, lost, or scattered hyaluronic fillers.

Liporase can improve the impacts of local anesthetics just as it helps in the correction of unwanted or scattered hyaluronic acid filler. Infusions of Liporase are made straightforwardly into the zone of correction. Following the injection, the demolition of hyaluronic acid filler starts to begin. Results will be recognizable within a couple of days.

Liporase Hyaluronidase can likewise be utilized if the dermal filler has inadvertently been infused into a conduit which would cause clogging up of the blood.

Hyaluronidase can be joined with fat melting injections to expand the impact of lipo-dissolving injection.

This product is suitable for,

  • Uneven distribution of the HA gel
  • Overfilling
  • Incorrect placement of the dermal filler
  • Accidental intra-arterial injection


By mixing Hyaluronidase with a lipo injection, the patient will appreciate quicker fat-dissolving impacts. Mix one vial of it with a fat-burning product (10cc), add saline (5cc) and infuse it into the objective fat layer. Massage the spot for 15 minutes. Rehash this method for seven sequential days.

Main Benefits

  • Produced by naturally occurring enzymes
  • Low likelihood of allergic response
  • Productively eliminates some scar formations without surgical obstruction.