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Pillox Lipolytic is a fat-melting solution for the local reduction of subcutaneous fat and amendment of body forms and shapes. The item contains no steroids and PPC; it has just natural ingredients in the composition, for example, algae and plant extricate, carnitine, fucoidan, and pycnogenol. Fucoidan presents a polysaccharide found in brown seaweed; it is known to repress lipid gathering by stimulating lipolysis. Pycnogenol is an extract of French maritime pine bark; it advances the browning of white adipocytes to beige adipocytes, subsequently turning “terrible” fat into “great” fat. Furthermore, pycnogenol likewise has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant impacts. Carnitine is another fat-burning segment; it improves fat metabolism by shipping fatty acids to mitochondria to transform energy further. Plant and algae extracts diminish inflammation after the technique and give hydration to the skin.

Principle Ingredients

  1. Sodium Chloride- It helps eliminate dead skin cells, stopping up pores.
  2. Horse Chestnut- It diminishes skin redness and swelling without immune suppression. As a solid antioxidant, it improves swelling and bloodstreams.
  3. Fucus Vesiculqsus Extract- Brown seaweed extract reestablishes and keeps up the skin moisture level and shields the skin from harmful oxygen. It likewise helps keep the skin elastic and standardize sebaceous glands.
  4. Fucoidan- It has a strong moisturizing impact on the significantly high hydrophilic sulfuric acid level in its molecules.
  5. Carnitine- It adequately controls the activity of MMP enzymes (collagen, gelatin) that enact the skin metabolism and react to UV stress.
  6. Pycnogeno- A procyanidin-rich extract, known as an intense natural antioxidant, is useful for anti-aging.


  • negligibly intrusive option in contrast to surgical fat removal- liposuction
  • the ideal solution for the individuals who need fine local rectification of body and facial contours
  • natural composition: no steroids, PPC, and preservatives
  • high-purity and clean product of clinical quality
  • painless technique: no anesthesia is required
  • the product carries some elasticity and smooth surface to the skin

Where to Use

  • face and neck: double chin reduction, jaw shape rectification
  • waist area (belly, love handle, back)
  • legs (gluteal crease, thighs)
  • arms (armpits and upper arm zones)
  • decrease of cellulitis

How to Use

After MTS treatment and different skin treatments, it tends to be utilized as a completing application dissolvable to upgrade the viability and fulfillment of the method in the last step of the Regeneration Care, Wrinkle Care, and Whitening Care programs.

This item isn’t expected for infusion inside the human body since it is created through the aseptic interaction without adding preservatives and using it following opening and ceases re-utilizing it. (Try to refrigerate.)