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Strongest Numbing Cream

Numbing Cream

All numbing cream is called Licodine cream. Lidocaine is a local anesthetic. Utilizing the skin cream makes your skin numb. The strongest numbing cream contains 10% Licodine numbing cream.

The pain must be probably the greatest fear in the realm of piercing, tattoos, and beauty injections. People fear pain. Along these lines, they can’t take out wrinkles, make piercings or correct the state of their face oval if the system is known to cause pain. The best cosmetological organizations in Korea strive to improve lidocaine numbing creams, giving relief from discomfort and permitting all the beauty treatments and methodology effortless.

The use of numbing cream has expanded in the previous years’ fame as it is a fantastic product to lessen pain during various beauty treatments like getting a tattoo or piercing, chemical peeling, waxing, and numerous others. Practitioners apply this kind of cream to the skin as it makes it simpler to direct injections or cut into the skin.

Earlier, a local anesthetic would be infused into the necessary skin region. However, the rise of anesthetic cream has diminished the reliance on these local anesthetics. Because of the idea of the cream, it is just applied topically and way more straightforward to buy than anesthetics.

Here is the list of the best numbing creams, which are rated as one of the strongest numbing creams with 10% Licodine numbing creams.

Anesthetic cream J-Caine

J-Caine cream made in Korea is viewed as the pioneer among skin anesthetics. Anesthetic cream J-Caine with Lidocaine 10.56% is the strongest lidocaine cream around. It is an advanced anesthetic cream that can be used during proficient methods or for home use. The cream’s numbing impact can be felt after only 10 minutes, and the relief from discomfort goes up to 8 mm underneath the skin. This cream follows global standards identified with health care and the clinical business.

The product has acquired fame among beauty specialists in South Korea, just as indifferent other nations. J-Caine cream is utilized in clinics and beauty parlors. It permits making tattoos, perpetual cosmetics, different anti-aging procedures, electrolysis, and so forth effortlessly. It is a top product that can be utilized when preparing for mesotherapy with 3D Meso threads, laser remerging, chemical peeling, and other painful manipulations on the skin.

J-Caine cream must be utilized for insignificantly intrusive strategies. The cream can’t be used for mitigating pain during surgical interferences.


Apply the J-Caine cream onto a clean, unaltered skin surface and cover it with a plastic wrap or another material equipped for making a sealing impact.  Remove the wrap following 20-30 minutes and clean the leftover moisturizer with a clean cloth. The patient may encounter numbness concerning the skin where the cream has been applied. This inclination may show up within 15 minutes since the cream will keep going for around 60 minutes. This is sufficient for most cosmetological methods.

Neo-Cain Cream

Neo Cain numbing cream with Lidocaine 10.56% is the only topical action product utilized during different methods like getting a tattoo, mesotherapy, micro-liposuction, and permanent makeup.

Because of the lidocaine’s thickness, this product is brilliant to use during the absolute most complex beauty procedures, including mesotherapy, injections, permanent makeup, and contour plastic medical procedures.

Neo-Cain cream has gotten many detailed surveys over the previous year as clients say it is the best relief from pain relief cream out there. This cream is not exclusively utilized during skincare or beauty procedures, yet it is an addition at home when using beauty devices like the Hyaluron injection pen.


Apply on the affected region and afterward enclose by a bandage to amplify the impact. Sit tight for 30 minutes for the Neo-Cain to produce results, and thereafter, eliminate the wraps and wash out with water. The anesthetic impact goes on for 60 to an hour and a half.

Note that after you’ve applied the Lidocaine cream, you may feel a calm and numb sensation in the regions you’ve spread it over. Neo-Cain is guaranteed to be safe. However, make sure not to utilize more than 2g of the numbing cream within 24 hours.

Main benefits of using these numbing creams

  • Consents to global norms for aesthetic medication products.
  • High lidocaine concentration permits alleviating pain inside the skin tissues as profound as at any rate 8 mm.
  • Has a durable impact – as long as an hour and a half after application.
  • It is efficient: the small amount of product assists with accomplishing the wanted impact.
  • These numbing creams have a high safety profile and don’t bring on any hypersensitive responses.
  • In correlation with other comparable products, it is valued sensibly.

The Anesthetic Cream J-Caine and Neo-Cain Cream are two over-the-counter creams that can undoubtedly be bought online with no prescription.

Side Effects

  • Skin redness
  • Slow or shallow breathing,
  • Pale or bluish skin
  • Fast/slow/irregular heartbeat
  • Mild burning/swelling/tingling/changes in skin color