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Super V-Line Sol is a fat-burning infusion. It works by accelerating the lymph circulation just as the way toward softening your abundance of fats all over. It additionally drops down the swelling on your face.

As your facial fats are progressively taken out, it lifts the skin on your cheeks and double chin, giving you an ideal V-curve face line. Moreover, Super V-Line Sol elevates cell recovery to provide you with more tight and smoother skin.

In any event, five procedures are needed to accomplish desired outcomes. One week is required among the techniques. When managing huge issues, the treatment course might be expanded.

Areas to Inject Super V-Line Sol

Super V-Line Sol is best utilized on the accompanying facial areas as it eliminates any abundance of fats to give you that ideal V-Line you have consistently needed.

  1. Cheeks- As we age, our muscles are diminished, leaving the skin on our cheeks sagging. Super V-Line Sol fixes the skin around the region to keep your skin tight- keeping it from sagging.
  2. Cheekbones- For the individuals who disapprove of their prominent cheekbones and need to diminish them, Super V-Line Sol is the ideal arrangement. It encourages you to lessen the fats in your cheekbone area.
  3. Double Chin -Double Chin can be a huge issue, mainly if it is apparent when we take photographs and videos. Overly V-Line Sol carries answers for your unmistakable double chin by decreasing them.
  4. Ear Part- For a few, having a fatty bottom ear part can be an issue as it looks pitiful and droopy, which can make you look old. Super V-Line Sol eliminates the abundance of fat on your base ear part and fixes the skin around the area.

Benefits of Using Super V-Line Sol

  • Breaks down Fats- Burns and melts overabundance fats to give you more attractive facial highlights.
  • Promotes Cell Regeneration- Stimulates cell regeneration to give you smoother and tighter skin.
  • Face Lifting Effect- Eliminates overabundance of fats and lifts the zone around your cheeks and double chin for a more attractive V-line curve.


It doesn’t have to mix in with different solutions. One bottle can be utilized for five individuals, and infuse the most extreme 2cc for the full face. Infusion profundity 5mm,Injection sum 0.1-0.2cc, Injection interval 1cm.

It shows the outcome after the first treatment, yet the extra infusion should be possible if results happen.

The treatment span would be three days.


Because natural ingredients bring product components, it doesn’t cause adverse health reactions.