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VNS Solution

A high-concentrated premium VNS solution joins just the papain enzyme and fantastic elements for fat decay to build digestion of fat cells and speed up it.

Administrating the VNS, the adipocyte cell wall is obliterated, bringing about the incendiary necrosis of cells and decreasing the size of adipocytes. The provocative outcomes in fibroblast relocation and incitement, bringing about the development of more collagen.

VNS is the best Fat Dissolver for cellulite and stretch marks, just as fat disintegrates the facial structure down. The primary ingredients are L-carnitine which transforms fat into energy; Lecithin (a function of fat destruction and transport); and Deoxycholate, which annihilates fat cells by retaining them just as Papaya Enzyme. This can be stored away in the fridge for about fourteen days after opening.


  • Increment of skin elasticity- Decreases adipocytes and produces collagen.
  • Eliminates fat cells and cellulite all the more viably- Reduces the number and size of fat cells to expand fat reduction.
  • Lessening edema and disposal of cellulite- It encourages the course of the lymphatic fluid and can quickly deliver the debased fat cells.
  • Painless- Even individuals who are sensitive to pain can get treatment without pain.
  • No swelling- Can return to work immediately with no swelling.
  • Safe ingredients and use- Use of natural ingredients and various clinical examinations ensure the security of the product.

Treatment Zones

  • Face
  • Jawline
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Abdomen
  • Underarm
  • Breast area
  • Upper back
  • Inner / Outer Thighs
  • Upper Knees

It can be treated more than 1 area in a single session as long as you don’t utilize more than 10ml in one session.


  • Saggy chin and double chin
  • Fatty cheek and zygoma
  • For general V-Line face
  • Saggy midsection and general body line after delivery of a baby
  • Thigh and lower arm with inordinate cellulite
  • Incessant swelling parts