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Kairax Filler


Kairax Filler

Based on the beauty industry (cosmetics, fillers), Victoria Sun International is a global company that produces and distributes safe and effective beauty products in line with customers’ needs through constant research and development with the mission of safe beauty.

Technology improves viscoelasticity through physical crosslinking to realize that it is of safe, high viscoelastic, and cohesive filler. KAIRAX is an HA filler with maximized safety, convenience, and effectiveness based on superior VICTORIASUN core production technology.

Filler means a “filling material,” a substance injected subcutaneously to improve or correct wrinkles, dents, acne scars, and facial lines. Fillers can be classified according to ingredients such as HA, collagen, calcium, PLLA, etc. Among them, HA fillers are most widely used because of their excellent safety.

HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is a hydrophilic substance, which is also commonly called a natural moisturizer. It can absorb 1000 times the weight of its weight and has excellent moisture retention. It is a 100% biodegradable, safe component that exists in the human body.

Kairax Filler is fully CE approved and contains lidocaine (numbing medication), leaving their clients with minimal swelling, less bruising, and perfect facial enhancements. KAIRAX comes in 3 variations – Fine, Deep, and Sub Q depending on the viscoelasticity.

Kairax Fine

Purpose– Fine wrinkle correction

Indication– Periorbital lines (Wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and lips), Crow’s feet, lip contour

Duration– 3-6 months

Viscoelasticity– 60-10 pa

Kairax Deep

Purpose– Deep wrinkle correction, Volumizing

Indication– Glabellar lines (frown lines), Nasolabial folds (indentation lines on either side of the mouth that extend from the edge of the nose to the mouth’s outer corners), Nose/ forehead contour

Duration– 6-12 months

Viscoelasticity– 120-220 pa


Purpose– Volumizing, contouring

Indication– Nasolabial folds, Chin, Body contour

Duration– Over 12 months

Viscoelasticity– 350-450 pa

These Products can be applied from the entire face to the neck with the appropriate type of product depending on the application area, required amount, and desired treatment direction.

Kairax is very useful, and the viscoelasticity of KAIRAX maintains the excellent volume effect for a long time.


A Choice by Prudent People “Quality & Trust”- These are core values that VICTORIAN Customers who have once selected KAIRAX are loyal to it. In the future, VICTORIASUN will keep the original mind so that their customers continue to get the products they are looking for.

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