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Divaviva HARD

This dermal filler requires a 25G needle size and is great for volume and facial contouring.

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Divaviva is a product line of hyaluronic acid fillers that are highly cross-linked to one another. This is especially true of Divaviva Hard, which is highly cross-linked and has a high viscosity index, allowing it to maintain its shape for an extended period. Furthermore, it contains small particles, which facilitates molding. Divaviva Hard is ideal for volumization, nasolabial furrows, and deep wrinkles. It is also hypoallergenic. The Divaviva product line has a high degree of flexibility and resilience, which allows it to last for an extended period. Furthermore, it contains lidocaine, which helps to reduce, if not eliminate, pain throughout the procedure.

Divaviva Hard is a facial contouring and volumizing product that is designed specifically for problem areas. This HA dermal filler is ideal for people who have recessed areas on their neck and face or who want to appear more youthful overall in their appearance. The term “hard” refers to the fact that this filler has the highest viscosity of any of its product lines.

Strengths of Divaviva Hard

  • It has cutting-edge technologies, which means it can deliver promising results.
  • Lidocaine allows for procedures that appear to be painless.
  • Long-lasting and high tensile strength
  • Possesses a small particle size that allows for simple molding ability
  • It maintains its shape for an extended period, making it a long-lasting filler.

Scope of Divaviva Hard

  • Fixes deep wrinkles
  • Nose bulge
  • Chin pad
  • Volume
  • Facial contouring
  • Fills nasolabial furrows 

Effect Duration

The effects of the application are usually visible for more than 12 months afterward, but this varies depending on the individual.

Product composition:

Hyaluronic acid of 20 mg per ml

Lidocaine 3 mg per ml

Divaviva Hard

One pre-filled syringe × 1.1 ml per pack

Needle size: 25G

Recommended Cannula G: 22G

Application: Use with Hyaluron Pen only

Injection Depth: deep dermis to superficial subcutaneous

Storage: Room temperature (1~30℃), away from sun-light

Shelf Life: 24 months from the date stated on the packaging

Manufacturer: South Korea

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