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What Are The Best Fillers To Use On The Hyaluron Pen?


What Are The Best Fillers To Use On The Hyaluron Pen?

The Hyaluron Pen is one of the most innovative technology in today’s generation of beauty products. It is equipped with a high-tech piston spring that uses pressure to push the pre-filled ampule into a specific area of the skin. Its main selling point is its needleless device, perfect for those frightened of sharp needles.

In theory, the pen delivers volume to the lips and some facial parts by using a lever to force pressurized air to create microscopic holes in the skin. Then, the dermal filler solution is distributed into the skin to enhance the lips and volumize lines and wrinkles. The filler solution will be withdrawn into the single-use ampule and then re-attached to the hyaluron pen, ready for injection. The tip of the ampule consists of tiny nano-sized holes where the solution is pushed out by pressure into the skin’s dermis.

However, despite their highly compatible system, not all dermal fillers are suitable for the Hyaluron Pen. Many types of filler products are available in the market, each with unique features and characteristics. When using the hyaluron pen, one must consider the filler’s thickness and quality. If the filler is too thick, it will be too hard to push them out all into the skin using the Hyaluron pen. Thus, using just the right amount of viscosity in dermal fillers for Hyaluron pens is better.

The Hyaluron Pen is best used with deep dermal fillers because of its viscosity, which can quickly seep into the skin. Although light fillers can be used with the pen, the results would not be as satisfactory as deep fillers. This is because lightweight dermal fillers are less dense and may need a needle to directly treat a specific wrinkle on the face. On the other hand, volume dermal fillers are known for their very thick viscosity, and the filler will have a hard time penetrating the skin with just pressure alone, so they are not recommended.

As a general rule of thumb, the best fillers to use with the Hyaluron Pen are 20mg/mL fillers. Among the best-selling dermal fillers from Korea, the following are the most compatible ones to be used with the Hyaluron pen.

Elasty Dermal Fillers

Elasty F Plus and Elasty D Plus are much more preferable to be used with the hyaluron pen. Elasty G Plus is a thicker version; distributing the product evenly into the skin may be difficult, but it can still work on the pen with proper control.

Neuramis with Lidocaine Dermal Fillers

Neuramis Deep and Neuramis Volume are very much recommended for use with the Hyaluron pen. This is also because of their viscous formulation.

Revolax Dermal Fillers

All three types of Revolax dermal fillers are suitable for use with the hyaluron pen. However, Revolax Fine (lowest viscosity and the lightest) and Revolax Deep (medium viscosity) work very efficiently with the pen.

Dermalax Dermal Filler

The Deep Plus version of the Dermalax Filler usually works well with the pen because of its denser formulation than the other types in its product line.

Rejeunesse Fillers

Rejeunesse Fine and Rejeunesse Deep versions are more suitable for application with the hyaluron pen than the other types in its product line.

Hyaluron pens are the trendiest self-injecting medical devices on the market. Both novice users and professionals can use it. One must apply the proper pressure to the skin to evenly distribute the filler product into the skin’s dermal layer regardless of the filler’s brand and viscosity. Because if not, it may result in a face with an uneven appearance and lumpiness. If pressure is miscalculated, it can likely cause blocked blood vessels and long-term swelling and bruising. To avoid such incidents, it is essential to use medical devices such as the Hyaluron Pen with precaution and safety in mind. You can invest in training courses for an in-depth understanding to produce an even more successful performance with proper techniques, whether for personal use or as a professional.

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