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Celosome Mid

1 syringe × 1.1 ml per pack

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Celosome introduces a line of hyaluronic acid (HA)-based fillers that have been stabilized. Celosome fillers are manufactured utilizing a specialized HENM cross-linking technique, which allows for the regulation of viscoelasticity parameters for various applications, ranging from skin rejuvenation to deep wrinkle filling and face volumization, among others. Deionization and ultra-pure water systems help reduce the amount of endotoxin and other pollutants in the final product. Multistaged membrane purification of HA in Celosome fillers allows for the total removal of the cross-linking agent BDDE and heavy metals.

Strengths of Celosome Mid

  • It is composed of 5 items with varied viscoelasticity qualities of the HA gel, determined by the scope of usage for each.
  • Using smooth gel injection, the danger of post-procedure edema and bruising is reduced.
  • Excellent cosmetic results are ensured by homogeneous gel dispersion during the injection process.
  • The product is of great quality and purity, as demonstrated by the absence of residual BDDE in the liquid chromatography test.
  • HA derived from a non-animal source
  • rapid recovery following the surgery

Celosome Mid is a filler used to treat mid-to-deep facial wrinkles and a liquid facelift. The filler is injected into the mid-and deep dermis of the face and neck.

Scope of Celosome Mid

  • nasolabial fold
  • lines on the forehead and frown lines
  • lines around the mouth (marionette lines)
  • facelift

Effect Duration

The cosmetic impact lasts for nine to eighteen months on average.

Product composition: 

HA, 24 mg/ml, Lidocaine, 0.3%

Celosome Mid

One syringe × 1.1 ml per pack

Manufacturer: ExCoBio Co., Ltd., South Korea

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