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Replengen Deep

1 syringe × 1.1 ml; 1 needle, 1 cannula per pack

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Replengen Deep is utilized for injection into profound deep subcutaneous layers. Unique innovations are being used to create Replengen Deep: “Glenzen’s GI (Grinding Irregular)” guarantees a homogeneous gel structure. In contrast, HAMC (Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Correction) innovation enables getting profoundly cross-linked HA. The dermal filler has lower decomposition rates when infused in the epidermis, subsequently expanding the impact duration. Replengen Deep is ideal for filling moderate and deep facial wrinkles.

Advantages of Replengen:

  • The impact is noticeable just after the procedure.
  • It improves skin versatility and moisturizes it.
  • The lidocaine in the composition and homogeneous gel structure makes the system easy while infusing into profound deep skin layers.
  • The product is made utilizing the highest-quality ha.
  • Clinically demonstrated adequacy and safety.

Use of Replengen Deep:

  • Correction of moderate-to-profound wrinkles such as nasolabial fold, forehead and frown wrinkles, lip lines, marionette lines.
  • Lip augmentation
  • Facial volume augmentation
  • Chin amendment

The aesthetic impact keeps going from 12 months to a year and a half.

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